Exploring Città Sant’Angelo

An ancient village, between land and sea, waiting to be discovered

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Included among the most beautiful villages in Italy, Città Sant’Angelo has a very special charm. It is only 18Km from the city of Pescara, five minutes from the Pescara Nord motorway exit and 30 minutes from the mountain; Located at 325m above the level of the Adriatic Sea that bathes its territory, this hilltop village is the ideal place for all those who are looking for a relaxing and stimulating stay at the same time.

The historic centre has a dynamic aspect, where art and culture blend perfectly in everyday life with extreme simplicity; all seasoned by the imposing bulk of the Collegiate Church, the beauty of the noble palaces, the historic entrance gates to the city and its numerous and beautiful churches. The fulcrum of the town are the numerous alleys that offer glimpses of the wonderful surrounding landscape that will leave the visitor amazed and the central course, where the main monuments are located, including the symbolic monument of Città Sant’Angelo: the Church of San Michele Arcangelo.

Considering the favourable geographical position, it is possible to taste both land and sea cuisine. The territory of Città Sant’Angelo is home to lush crops dedicated to olive groves and vineyards. There are numerous farms producing wine and high-quality extra virgin olive oil. For this reason, Città Sant’Angelo has obtained the awards of “City of Oil”, “City of Wine” and “Citta slow”, testimony to the quality and genuineness of local food and wine and typical products.

Città Sant’Angelo preserves a historical, architectural and cultural heritage that makes it a jewel to be preserved and known, and that leaves in the eyes the desire to discover more and more a millenary history that has remained carved in the heart of the town.