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view Città Sant'angelo village italy abruzzo

Enjoy the great hospitality and delicious dishes of Abruzzo every day! The restaurants near Città sant’Angelo Abruzzo are Highly recommended if you are a real foodie lover and love authentic Italy.

Hosteria Cavour

Authentic enjoyment

Hosteria Cavour in Città Sant’Angelo a restaurant to enjoy the great hospitality and the delicious dishes every time! A restaurant with a traditional kitchen, where everything is freshly made or comes from their own garden. Every time you will be spoiled and there will always be works of art coming from the kitchen.

The service is very personal and informal. Furthermore, the bottle of wine is stored for you if you have not finished it completely. Next time you come back it’s back on your table! How nice is that! Is highly recommended if you are a real foodie and love authentic Italy.

Retaurant Margazzillo

Restaurant Margazzillo La Carne is a great place if you have children, there are play equipment and games. The food is excellent and at a great price. Here you can enjoy antipasto, fresh truffle, pasta, delicious buffalo mozzarella di Bufala mushroom and real Italian pizzas. In addition, there is the fish of the day and the Arrosticini which is an eighth tradition in Abruzzo, not to be missed and tastes like everything that makes Italy beautiful.

This place is really special, the restaurant is hidden at the top of a small street on the right side of the road.

Stabilimento Sinue

Stabilimento Sinue is a beach restaurant with a small menu north of Silvi Marina. Perhaps special among the other restaurants, but the kitchen is highly recommended. The beach restaurant is nice, newly renovated, and you can enjoy it under umbrellas or inside with all the shutters open, which is less hot. You can choose from pasta and classic seafood dishes, which are really fresh. The service is good and very friendly, despite the fact that many Italians enjoy a delicious lunch every day. If you are going to the beach for a day, this is the place to be, advice is to discuss a table immediately upon arrival.